Tyler Ellis offers our bespoke stitching in an array of luminous colors, including shimmery metallics to monumentalize
life’s unforgettable memories.  We offer both classic cursive and modern block letters to commemorate each special occasion. 
Every clutch is lined in our signature Thayer Blue, making it the perfect "something new" and "something blue"
This service is also a great way to add a personalized touch to clutches carried by bridesmaids or other members of the wedding party.  
To customize materials, colors and monogramming, please email bespokeconcierge@tylerellis.com or call +1 310.592.9145.
 Our dedicated team is at your disposal.
Piper Clutch Piper Clutch

Piper Clutch
Lilac Satin

$1,600   | 
Aimee Clutch Aimee Clutch

Aimee Clutch
Ivory Satin

$1,700   |