Photography by: Phillip R Lopez

Tyler found inspiration in the city known as the playground for the rich and the famous. Monaco’s opulence, hedonism, and absolute satiation of the senses is the energy she encapsulated within her collection of vibrant colors and bold details.

Channeling the divine glamor and excess from the 20’s, she personified the duality of regal adornment with contemporary aesthetics. Marrying strong exotic textures and statement metallics, each piece is meant to revel in life’s indulgences.

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Aimee Clutch Aimee Clutch

Aimee Clutch

$1,800   | 
Lily Clutch Lily Clutch

Lily Clutch

$2,900   | 
Jamie Clutch Small Jamie Clutch Small

Jamie Clutch Small

$3,200   |