The Poppy is a soft handbag designed with a Lucite handle and our custom half-metal frame finished with our Pinecone Closure. It fits the large iPhone, has a detachable metal chain and features our signature Thayer Blue lining.

Care of Materials

Store your feathered handbag in a cool, dry place where humidity can’t damage it. Try gently shaking your the bag to remove any dust. This also will perk up the feathers. Stubborn dust may remain, but fear not! Find a soft, dry paintbrush or baby brush, and brush in the direction of the plumage, softly applying pressure with slow, deliberate strokes.

100% Handmade in Italy

*We work solely with highly trained Italian artisans
*Materials used come from tanneries who put social aspects first, strive to minimize their environmental footprints and preserve the health and safety of their workers
*We believe in all animals being humanely treated and work solely with U.S. Fish and Wildlife CITES-approved skins
*Our Pegasus White satin has been treated with the IDRO process, creating an anti-drop film making the satin less permeable to water and liquid drops
*All satins used are PFC (per- and poly-fluorinated chemicals) free



10" wide x 6" high (Top Handle 3" high) x 5" deep